Aseptic preparations


IHRE APOTHEKER specialise in the high-quality production of cytostatics ready for use. We produce individual cytostatic infusions required by patients for chemotherapy. Specially-trained personnel work under GMP-compliant and optimum technical safety conditions.


  • Manufacturing licence in accordance with § 13 AMG and Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Supplier to clinics, doctors' surgeries and pharmacies
  • Class A/B clean room laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology and optimum air conditioning
  • Individual aseptic preparation of cytostatics by specially trained personnel
  • Microbiological environmental monitoring and documented safety checks
  • Advice, e.g. concerning therapeutic adjustments, concomitant medication, storage and shelf life
  • Training medical personnel in handling cytostatics
  • Reliable and swift delivery in the Rhine-Main region by our logistics team


IHRE APOTHEKER examine the therapy details from a pharmaceutical perspective and set up an electronic patient file where we archive medication dosages or changes in weight and confer with the attending physician if necessary. This is followed by selection for production of the requisite substances and appropriate application systems. We stock all standard pharmaceuticals, carrier systems and concomitant medication which can be accessed within a very short time.

Our production is always based on the four-eyes principle. An EDP network in the manufacturing area provides continuous exchanges with pharmacists in production management enabling us to record special requests or last-minute orders at short notice. After final inspection, the cytostatic preparations are sealed and packaged safely in leak-proof and insulated transport boxes.

The finished infusion solutions are then dispatched directly to prescribers by our team of drivers. We offer a 24-hour emergency service.


The particular effectiveness, side effects and toxicity associated with cytostatics demand the knowledge, skill and expertise of a specially-trained pharmacist. IHRE APOTHEKER offer safety and quality during manufacturing, appropriate disposal and professional advice when it comes to applying patient therapies and the very best possible pharmaceutical support of such patients. In order to comply with this responsibility, we do everything in our power to guarantee you optimum patient and product protection. Your patients can reach us every day – even after conclusion of therapy – until 8 p.m. which means, for example, they have a competent contact person in the event of any side effects occurring.