Home care


Advances in medicine and innovative medical technologies permit both facilitated and entirely new therapeutic methods in the home care sector. IHRE APOTHEKER provide out-patient care services with pharmaceutical support in your patients' pharmaco-therapy. And care tours can also be significantly streamlined when medication is procured centrally through us.


  • Full service for medication, medical aids, medical technology and home care therapies
  • Enteral and parenteral nutrition, special therapies against pain and individual infusion therapies
  • Individual blistering for patients including prescription requirements, determining scope etc.
  • Swift provision of all medication thanks to daily and fast delivery made possible by an internal logistics system
  • Testing medication for side effects and interactions
  • Documentation of medication deliveries
  • Examination of medication storage for preparation for MdK inspections
  • Pharmaco-technical training of nursing staff as evidence of advanced training
  • 24-hour on-call service provided by our home care personnel


Thanks to many years of collaboration with clinics, nursing facilities and out-patient nursing services, we are at your service at all times in our capacity as a competent partner for providing out-patients with professional pharmaceutical care. Our work focuses on your patients' quality of life and optimum care.

We advise you on pharmaceutical issues, support you during your patients' pharmaceutical therapies at home, handle efficient and reliable medication logistics and train your nursing personnel. We help you to deploy your available nursing resources in an optimum manner, thereby relieving you of some of the burden.


We provide you with pharmaceutical support in implementing home care therapies (e.g. out-patient infusion therapies). We streamline your care tours by procuring your patients' medication centrally and blistering it individually for your patients. We also provide you with practical tips for supplying and administering medication, as well as ready-made presentations in line with the respective target group for pharmaco-technical training of your nursing staff.