Hospital care


IHRE APOTHEKER offer hospitals a free, user-friendly and flexible online portal. Apart from individual lists of pharmaceuticals, all medication on the ABDA stock list is filed with prices and pharmaceutical information. On request, special requirements or order authorisations can be activated for authorised persons only.


  • Online shop with a list of pharmaceuticals, ABDA data base and costs of special requirements
  • Direct search for items and active substances as well as an immediate overview of prices
  • No transmission errors (caused by illegibility or communication problems on the phone)
  • Shorter communication channels and faster processing by IHRE APOTHEKER
  • Inspection as to what items are in stock in the pharmacy and which ones are not available
  • Special markings on items with an order value exceeding 100.00 Euro
  • 24-hour on-call service
  • An individual approval hierarchy can be programmed


IHRE APOTHEKER are at your service as partners for all issues relating to pharmaco-therapy. The possibility of daily inspection by us of individual special orders with active recall and proposals of less expensive alternatives is only one of many services for more efficient working methods and an order system which works well.

It goes without saying that we draw up all of the requisite information on costs, stock or quantity information by cost unit, manufacturer or item. Online passwords allocated in our order system enable us to assign individual processes exactly and implement optimisations on a case-by-case basis.

We are also delighted to draw up pharmaceuticals lists with daily treatment costs for your employees. Additionally, we offer you the possibility to accompany medical rounds on a regular basis in order to develop new therapy strategies directly and with your employees.


In supplying your clinic with pharmaceuticals and medical products, you receive more than mere delivery according to specified statutory standards. We provide you with a tailored supply concept and comprehensive Quality Management from an external specialist with many years of experience. Processing by our Web-based order system and our own internal logistics system means that you receive the pharmaceuticals you require extremely fast, reliably and above all economically.



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