Home care


Transferring patients suffering from pain to out-patient care is often associated with issues concerning stability. After all, in-patient treatment often involves the administration of several drugs via a single analgesics pump. This necessitates examining the chemical and physical drug combinations prior to follow-up out-patient therapy.


  • Professional implementation of infusion therapy and pump-controlled pain therapy
  • Aseptic filling of infusion receptacles and reservoirs – in class A clean rooms
  • Therapy organisation and provision of various pump systems
  • Delivery at short notice of all standard infusion solutions, pharmaceuticals, accessories and medical technology
  • Clarification and approval of pain therapy with health insurance companies
  • Agreements of therapy relevance with doctors, nursing staff and other people involved
  • Product and hygiene training in medical technology and professional care


Out-patient pain patients are always in the very best hands at IHRE APOTHEKER: from initial connection of an analgesics pump in the hospital through comprehensive pain therapy at home to development and monitoring of the pain control regime, in co-operation with the attending physician.

We offer efficient and sensitive patient support in the area of pump-controlled pain therapy in particular. The mobile, battery-powered pumps provide pain patients at home with maximum mobility and flexibility in their social environments. Practically accommodated in a small carrier bag, patients can take the pump and medication reservoir with them wherever they go.

The dosage is adjusted individually and can be used for both continuous administration of painkillers (basic infusion) and for individual administration as required (bolus infusion). The costs of using the mobile infusion pump are assumed by the health insurance companies.


A drug pump also represents a safe out-patient option for continuous administration of medication over longer periods of time. Application clearly focuses on an improved quality of life for the patient. Returning home for a dignified death or the option of having a social life despite continuous infusion can be realised using an analgesics pump. The pumps are usually worn on the body without having any essential adverse effect, thereby enabling the patient to participate in everyday events.