Pharmaceutical blistering


IHRE APOTHEKER produce individually printed tubular blisters for you containing solid oral medication. We adapt the blister contents to your patients' requirements. In accordance with a medication plan specified by a doctor, tablets, pills and capsules are compiled individually by intake time and dosage, and packaged in a transparent bag. These tubular blisters are supplied to the corresponding institution in disposable weekly packaging.


  • Production in compliance with European GMP guidelines
  • Individual blistering of weekly requirements with automatic marking of intake instructions
  • Guaranteed high production capacity and fail-safe performance
  • Multi-stage control using automated optical control systems
  • Provision of package leaflets and pictures
  • Concept development for supplying residential homes and nursing facilities
  • Reliable same-day delivery of orders within the Rhine-Main region


IHRE APOTHEKER apply a special admission procedure for each new medication and examine its blister capacity. The pharmaceuticals are stored at 25 °C in our own automated medication store.

On receipt of your order, medication is deblistered in a safe workspace, the reservoirs filled at the blister machine and checked in accordance with the "four-eyes principle". Weekly blisters are manufactured in clean rooms and subject to permanent room monitoring.

After filling, the individual blisters are checked photo-technically first before undergoing manual inspection. The blisters are then quarantined until approved by a pharmacist. Graphic data is stored for four weeks as documentation of production. The blisters are then moved to outgoing goods for packaging and shipping. The finished blisters are delivered by our own in-house logistics system.


Whether you are a pharmacist, doctor or member of nursing staff: pharmaceutical blisters help you to improve the general safety and quality of medication supplied and distributed for individual patients. Blister packaging is perfectly hygienic and undesirable influences such as high humidity or contamination can be practically eliminated.